India Geospatial Forum 2016

Technology advancement is rapidly changing the socio-economic fabric of India. New technologies are impacting how people interact and move, how information is consumed, how businesses strategise; how governments manage their projects and reach out to citizens. Geoinformation is at the core of all planning activities and geospatial technology is emerging as an essential tool in the hands of for government and businesses for efficient and effective planning. With its belief in empowering India with geospatial, India Geospatial Forum has been at the forefront of raising the profile of geospatial technology and taking it where it matters - together with all stakeholders who have contributed their knowledge and expertise to the process of driving India ahead with technology.

We are pleased to announce the 18th edition of India Geospatial Forum 2016 to be held from March 1-3 at Greater Noida. With the theme “Geospatial Infrastructure for Digital India” the conference shall highlight the role of geospatial technology in facilitating development and enabling change.

Join us and share your knowledge, innovations, projects, technologies, and best practices

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