India Geospatial Forum

Map India, one of the oldest geospatial conferences has seen diversified technology update, knowledge transfers, resource investigations, policy advocacy, achievements and successes. Since the year 1998, Map India has seen new dimensions and great heights to achieve the role of pioneers in circulating geospatial advocacy and knowledge.

Map India 2010 was based on a visionary theme - 'Defining Geospatial Vision for India'. The conference laid focus on the developments within the domain and steer the future direction that geospatial technologies can provide to the various vertical in the country.

Seeing the technology revolution from Maponomics to Geospatial Vision, Map India is all set to showcase more effective technology uptake within the geospatial domain. It is all set to revolutionize as a conference with new format, new name, wider scope and enhancing technology. Therefore, In order to maintain our pace with the changing world and widened scope of Geospatial as a terminology, we are glad to adopt this term to re-brand our conference, this year we are rebranding Map India as India Geospatial Forum. India Geospatial Forum 2012 – 14th Annual International Conference and Exhibition on Geospatial Information Technology and Applications is scheduled from 7 – 9 February, 2012 at Epicentre, Gurgaon, India.

As one of the most important Indian Geospatial Industry Event, India Geospatial Forum 2012 will bring the stakeholders —solution / service providers, policy makers, users — to a single platform, providing supreme opportunities for discussion, deliberation and interaction.

India Geospatial Forum will prove a consolidated platform for integration and convergence of the geospatial ecosystem. The forum would lay focus on each and every part of the geospatial community be it user’s agencies, policy advocates, knowledge workers, economists, ICT Gurus and many more. India Geospatial Forum will be a confluence of a variety of activities in the form of plenary, vertical conferences, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and round tables- covering the vast range of technology, application, policy, use cases from the region.

The main attraction of the event is the three vertical conferences positioned under the sunshade of India Geospatial Forum focusing on infrastructure (Geo-Infra), enterprise (Geo-Enterprise) and e-governance (Geo-Gov).