India, being one of the emerging economies in the world, is moving towards building a highly industrialized and technologically driven economic scenario. It’s inclusive growth of GDP is expected to grow by 9 to 10 per cent in GDP over the next decade. With such a level of economical developmental plan, the nation demands a new thought-process that is powered and influenced by geospatial intelligence. Having acknowledged the vital potential of geospatial technologies in socio-economic development, India is poised to invest in the sectors that are directly contributing to the nation’s economy such as infrastructure, construction, power, water, land, banking and many more by initiating many national development programmes and missions. It has been analysed that Indian Geospatial industry is expected to grow at a cumulative average rate of 8.1% to a productive capacity of 58.18 billion by 2014. Indian geospatial industry is witnessing a growth rate or significantly higher than worldwide average that of any other country.

With the theme” Towards Geospatially-enabled Economy”, the conference endeavours to demonstrate and project the same to larger stakeholders and contributors to the economy. It will highlight the emerging cultural and governance revolution offered by geospatial technologies and spatially equipped organization by centre staging the national programs/projects that are being initiated by Indian government with tremendous emphasis on geospatial components. Theme will revolve around the major national level programmes and the various sectors affecting the development of the country, expediting the delivery of spatial enablement across society and future directions and emerging challenges in the realm of spatial enablement.