Marutish Varanasi Consultant, TriCAD



Data visualisation of leading cities in India
There are thousands of ways to tell about cities in Urban India. India has a rich history and the transition into a democracy has been remarkable. The company intends to show the sixty years of Indian Democracy through its cities – where we were and where are we now. We through this project showcase the rich history and growth of Indian cities in art, culture, tourism, environmental sustainability, diversity, weather, transportation, safety, education, public housing, social services & others. The company is showcasing one of the selected themes of city as a liveable and sustainable city Data sources: Indian Census 2011, various city development plans, city municipal annual reports and budgets. Technology : The project uses various latest Big Data Technologies including analytical data processing, led by Hadoop software and operational data management, led by NoSQL databases, Graph databases, Google Map APIs, Open source software such as R, analytics and visualization software. Completion: The project is underway with the completion of data collection and the project will be completed by Feb 2015.