Pramod Kumar Parida Scientist, Odisha Space Applications Centre


Generation of Web-based power Atlas for Cuttack Circle, Odisha
This paper provides a bird’s eye view of the process of development of Web based Power Atlas System for Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Ltd (OPTCL), Odisha. OPTCL is one of the largest transmission utility of the country under the Government of Odisha to undertake the business of transmission and wheeling of electricity in the State. OPTCL having recognized the importance of information technology and its use in functioning and management of extra high tension (EHT) towers, substations and feeder lines desired to prepare the web-based Power Atlas for the Cuttack circle on pilot mode with Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC).Based on the above objectives, ORSAC conducted survey of 5124 EHT towers and 32 numbers of substations covering 2328.69 Km Circuit using Global Positioning System and the geospatial database was generated with Universal Transverse Mercator Projection System with WGS 84 spheroid and Datum. Natural resource layers and infrastructure layers were generated in 1:10K scale using the resolution merged image (Cartosat-1+Resourcesat-2). The substations were mapped in 1:4K scale for generation of plot wise land use/cover using World View II Data of 0.5 m spatial resolution and the cadastral digital database. Linking and integration of spatial layers with respective attributes were carried out using ERDAS APOLLO and ORACLE RDBMS to facilitate the querying, viewing and managing the electrical assets v/s natural resources like live and geographic crossing of electrical circuits.