Sultan Singh Senior Scientist, Haryana Space Application Center


Establishment of Geodetic Control Network for Land Records in Haryana- A Case Study
In India, modernization of land records is in focus for more than a decade, but it has picked up speed since 2010. To do any measurements, there is a need to have an accurate measurement reference. In India the pioneers of survey establishment, Survey of India has a good network of geodetic controls and benchmarks. But the number and distribution of these benchmarks are not sufficient and not meant for the purpose of using them in land records measurements and demarcations. The present need has generated the requirement of well-connected geodetic controls which has sufficient approach to every village. Haryana NLRMP programme has integrated the establishment of these geodetic controls in the implementation of modernization of land records in the state. A well planned initiative has been taken to establish the control network in sync with the existing controls and benchmarks, acquired from Survey of India. Appropriate sites were selected and apt design of monument was chosen in order to have clear identification on the Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery (VHRSI) and have a uniform spatial network. State wide 121 primary and 589 secondary control points were established. Thousands of tertiary control points on every village tri-junction were also established. Monumentation has been done at each Primary Control points site with steel plate on top of it so that these benchmark points are clearly identifiable on VHRSI.