Rajesh Paul Director, Excel Geomatics



Geomarketing for product sales and customer services
Geo-marketing combines the power of geographic visualization and analysis with marketing techniques and insights, to attain the ultimate goal of selling a product or providing efficient services to the customer. Out of the various locational parameters needed for the success of geo-marketing, knowing the spatial distribution of population at local level is the fundamental. It is not enough to know how many consumers live in a specific state or a city but it is also important to know how the distribution of population within a city, ward or even within a village is. This will allow planners to choose a location for a business that is accessible to the largest number of people. Excel Geomatics has come up with a unique product wherein ‘Latest Satellite Images’ along with the ‘Census 2011-Population Data’ have been used to create ‘Population Distribution Map of India at 15m resolution’. This map has found its usefulness in the business application areas such selection of ATM location based on the number of customers within a buffer zone; allotment of franchises or opening of a retail outletbased on population covered and not by the distance between them; to know the approximate population covered by signals from each Telecom Tower, etc. Using these products business analysts could know the population using their own ‘Area of Interest’ or within a particular ‘Buffer Area.’