Sanjeev Sharma IN (Rtd), Head - Hydrosurveys, IIC Technologies


Lidar Bathymetry For Coastal Zone Management
Advancement and development in laser technology, electronics and computing systems over the past few decades has resulted in development of systems capable of conducting bathymetric surveys using platforms other than traditional boats/ ships. Airborne Laser (or LiDAR) Bathymetry (ALB) is a technique for measuring the depths of relatively shallow, coastal waters using a scanning, pulsed laser beam operated from an aircraft. It is also known as Airborne LiDAR Hydrography (ALH) when used primarily for nautical charting. It not only provides the capability to survey faster but also enables the hydrographer to reach dangerous areas inaccessible by boat. Though not considered a replacement for acoustic surveys, ALB can be used in conjunction with traditional acoustic surveys for better area coverage and charting the unreachable areas. The paper discusses the LiDAR bathymetry concept, its advantages and limitations, operational methodologies, meeting the accuracy challengeswith reference to a combined acoustic and LiDAR survey that IIC Technologies addressed in KSA.