Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar Head ASG & In-charge, Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre, Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), India


Dr. T. Srinivasa Kumar is a Scientist, heading Advisory Service & Satellite Oceanography Group at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad. As the project manager and in-charge of prestigious & challenging national project on “Establishment of National Early Warning System for Tsunami and Storm Surges in the Indian Ocean”, he contributed to the establishment of world-class facilities at the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre. He also contributed immensely to the establishment of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning & Mitigations System. His research interestsare Remote Sensing; Geospatial technologies; Disaster Management (Tsunami Early Warning System); Marine Resource Management (Fisheries); Coastal Zone Management; Satellite Oceanography (Ocean Colour). He is the author of more than 30 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and several national publications. Recognizing his contributions for establishing world-class tsunami early warning centre, Ministry of Mines conferred him with prestigious “National Geoscience Award” in 2010. He also received “Indian National Geospatial Award” in 2008, instituted by Indian Society of Remote Sensing (ISRS), for his contributions to geospatial technologies for disaster management and resource mapping, especially in Tsunami Early Warning System and Potential fishing zone advisories. He is a member of various national and international committees, he is Vice Chairman of IOC/UNESCO Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/IOTWS), Chairman of ICG/IOTWS Inter-ICG Task Team on Tsunami Watch Operations, Chairman of the ICG/IOTWS RTSP Task Team (RTT), Chairman, Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observing System (IOGOOS) and life member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing.