Dr Vaani Assistant Professor (Senior), Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, VIT University, Vellore


Development of Self Education Knowledge Product on Basics of Geomatics and its Application in Disaster Management and Climate Change
In recent years, there is an increasing concern about the disasters due to climate change. The effectiveness of disaster management depends increasingly on reliable digital spatial data acquired from remotely sensed images, analyzed by geographical information systems (GIS) and visualized on the computer screen. Though there are many books available on geomatics, reading the whole book, understanding the concepts/tools and applying it for a particular situation requires more time and continuous effort. Instead, suppose if a self study CD-ROM is available, in a very short duration, one can get a basic knowledge on geomatics technology and its application in disaster management. Hence in the present study, a self paced learning CD-ROM which can run for a duration of about 40 min. with lessons on various geomatics tools was developed using Adobe Flash Professional multimedia software.A special focus on disasters due to climate change has also been included. In order to test whether the learner has understood the topics covered, at the end of each section, multiple choice questions were asked and the learner has to choose one correct answer among the choices given.