Agricultural sector is the mainstay of the rural Indian economy, accounting for 14% of the nation's GDP and about 11% of its exports. About half of the Indian population relies on agriculture as its principal source of income and it is a source of raw materials for a large number of industries. Accelerating the growth of agriculture production is therefore necessary not only to achieve an overall GDP target of 8 per cent during the 12th Plan and meet the rising demand for food, but also to increase incomes of those dependent on agriculture to ensure inclusiveness. Geospatial technology can enable enhanced decision making, effectively managing resources and assets, enhancing the efficiency of workflows, and improving the accessibility of information.

Focus Areas:
  • Food security, crop management and climate smart agriculture
  • Sustainable development
  • Synergies between agriculture policies, programmes and activities
  • Boosting productivity


Mark Noort

Editor-Agriculture, Geospatial World Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Dr MVR Sesha Sai

Group Director, ASAG, National Remote Sensing Centre

Dr Brijendra Pateriya

Director, Punjab Remote Sensing Centre Bio | Presentation

Dr R S Hooda

Chief Scientist, HARSAC Bio | Abstract | Presentation

John Ahlrichs

VP - International Sales, Blackbridge Bio | Abstract

Dr D Raji Reddy

Principal Scientist (Agromet), Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University Bio | Abstract | Presentation

Rakesh Kumar Kadian

Agriculture division - Trimble Navigation Bio | Abstract

Dr. A. Arunachalam

DARE & ICAR Bio | Abstract | Presentation